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DevOps Team Assistant

Rultor is a DevOps team assistant. It helps your programmers and release managers automate routine operations, with an easy-to-use intuitive interface:

  • Merging of pull requests (ensures that builds remain clean)

  • Deploying to production and stage environments

  • Releasing and tagging

To start working with Rultor, all you need to do is give him commands via one of your Github tickets. Try a simple @rultor hello and see how it works.

Rultor is not a replacement, but rather a powerful addition to your existing continuous integration solution, like Jenkins, Go, Travis, Drone, Snap, Codeship or Wercker.

Rultor is absolutely free, both for open source and commercial projects. It is sponsored by

These blog posts may be helpful: Every Build in Its Own Docker Container, Master Branch Must Be Read-Only, Rultor + Travis, and Rultor, a Merging Bot.

Here is how Rultor helps us to deploy/release automatically to Maven Central, Rubygems, Heroku, and CloudBees.

Yeah, BTW, every build runs in its own Docker container! :)